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Christmas Craft workshops

Our Christmas workshops are now available to book online, if you'd prefer a private workshop that's fine too, you can also add prosecco and Italian food to private parties!
Frippery & Nonsense


We sell fabulous things, curios, prints, framed art, soaps, candles, sterling silver jewellery, baby gifts incense, tiny houses, stationery, greeting cards and more.

Our greeting card selection is the best in South Yorkshire - so I'm told

Mermaid tear neckace

A gorgeous textured recycled bottle glass bead onto sterling silver trace chain and fitted an eco-silver hammered hook and pebble clasp at the back


Handmade notebook

Each Notebook Cover Is Hand Block Printed and hand stiched on Ivory Cotton Paper And Is Lined With A Colour Co-Ordinated coloured Cotton Paper  24 Leaves (48 Sides) 


white sage smudge stick

Sustainably harvested in California, USA and hand tied with organic hemp twine.  Made with wildcrafted white sage without any hidden ingredients, charcoal or perfume. 


Tiny wooden house

A tiny wooden house with painted door, windows and roof. part of a tree planting project in Indonesia, each tree harvested is replaced with another.


Comfort Swaddle

adorable multiuse swaddle muslins are a must have for new babies and toddlers at home or on the Go. Great for swaddling baby, for use as a cot sheet and fantastic for


Amelie music box

Yann Tiersen`s masterpiece Amelie soundtrack is now inside this mini wooden box. Made from sustainable wood, our hand-cranked Amelie music box will make an irresistible gift


Tiny vase

Is there anything more enchanting in this world than tiny, string-tied posies of wild flowers dotted around the house, paper flowers not included 


Maison des Reves - the cafe

The deep scent of the coffee is overlayed with the beautiful scent of an Earl Grey Tea and a warming and nutty hot chocolate. This essential oil blend promotes circulation and boosts energy.



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